IX century — XIII century.

The four centuries when Kyiv was the «mother of Russian cities» became the golden pages of our history. These were not only the times of the formation of a huge state, the borders of which were pushed from the Volga to the Carpathians, but also the times of the founding of many cities, the formation of crafts, the flourishing of culture, trade, and finally the choice of Faith. Then the first silver hryvnias were cast, the first coins with the princely trident were minted, the first majestic shrines were built on the banks of the Dnieper, the first lines of the annals were written on the walls of Kyiv monasteries, which engraved «where did the Russian land come from».The inhabitants of ancient Kyiv and other small and large cities lived in houses made of wood, admired the estates of boyars and wealthy merchants. Beautiful wooden churches could be seen next to the monumental brick temples. In Kyiv, Vyshgorod, and Pereyaslav, princely palaces were built, including brick ones. In one of them, on the high Kyiv Gora, the glorious prince Volodymyr Krasne Sonechko feasted with legendary heroes.